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Douchebag Beach Club Game

Douchebag Beach Club - Enjoy the douchebag life at the Comfort of your Home !

Douchebag Beach Club is a point and click game where once again the main goal is to get buffed, tanned and douchie so you can get that ladies attention! In this game the action is happening on the beach where all the hot babes in bikinis get their tanning done. Show them your muscles and win their attention in this fun workout simulator!

Controls of the Game

It's a point and click game so all controls and movements are controlled with your mouse.

When working out you have to drag or click to help your character build muscles and raise his mass index. You start a conversation by clicking on a character.

Use your ipad to navigate within the area. You can get access to the beach gym, bar, tent, shop where you buy your douchie clothes, and finally the show.

By clikcing on the call button you get access to all the people you've met on the beach, also you can collect all kinds of trophies which can help you later out in the game.

By opening your ipad you see all the information on your muscle mass, swag level and money status.

Changing your haircut, beard and clothes also contribute to your SWAG level. Once you get ripped and popular the money will start to flow and you will have much better chances with the ladies.

Tips and Tricks to Play Douchebag Life

Tip on how to get MAX SWAG: Buy all pants and shirts and haircuts and be the swag master!

Tip on how to improve your MASS quickly: Buy proteins.

Tip on how to get more MONEY: The more you workout the more money you will get.


You have to make 6 swag points by buying items in the shop on the beach. Once you have swag points of 6% you can proceed to bang the first fashion chick. After successfully banging the fashion chick, the option to cheat will be available in the pause menu and you should be able to enter the codes:

DEPOSIT - You'll get 200 cash.

INCREASE - Muscle Mass gain x 2.

COUNTRY - Country-Music to the max.

PICS - Unlock all pictures.

game review

A really fun game with many options and places to visit on the beach. Basically a workout and dating simulator which helps you get douchie and win chix. Has a few interesting storylines, also I found fun in joining the muscle contest and meeting other douchebags on the beach. Get drunk to score with ugly chicks, and get popular to win the reality star. Sounds like real life, huh? Enjoy playing Douchebag Beach Club !