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Douchebag Beach Club Game

Douchebag Life - Enjoy Douchebag Life at the Comfort of your Home !

Try Douchebag Life this point and click game where you have 14 days to reach level 6 douchebag. You have to attend the party every day and score some of the prettiest girls. Reach your douchiness by going to work, shopping,visiting beauty salon and ofcourse partying hard!The main goal in this game is to attend a pool party in 14 days. In the meantime you have to pimp your life and have fun with the ladies.

Controls of the Game

All movements of the character are made with your mouse. You can easily navigate through the world and room around you by moving your mouse.

Click on the door in your crib or click on your car to go to other areas in the game. Moving around takes a lot of your time so be careful not to waste it!

Go to work regulary or else you will lose all your money buying douchie things, and douchie clothes are pretty expensive!

Click on your wardrobe to browse through your clothes collection.

Click on the fridge situated in your kitchen to eat ealthy or protein bars.

You choose your place of arrival by clicking on your car. Enter the shopping mall to pimp your car, crib or looks.When clubbing or working out you loose some of your energy, so going to sleep can help you just as much as eating. The club opens every night at 10pm, the gym and shopping mall also have their working schedules.

Cheats and Tips to Play Douchebag Life

Shift U Makes the time go backwards one hour

Shift I Makes the time go forward one hour

Shift S Gives you $10

Shift L level up 1 each time pressed

Shift M increase mass by 1 third

After going clubbin' you will sleep and regain energy, but you can always sleep during the day if you like but you will lose a day.

- Sleeping isn't necessary

- After going clubbin' you will sleep and regain energy, but you can always sleep during the day if you like but you will lose a day.

- Eat a protein bar to fill your energy to the maximum. You don't really need to eat when your energy is full. Creatine and Steroids are avaliable at the shopping mall, they will help you improve your mass index real quick.

- When full of money, go to gym twice in a day so you build your muscles the fastest way possible.

- Buy the most creative hairstyle and buy all the most expensive decorations for your crib. When you buy expensive stuff for your home, yourself and your car the meter will fill up quickly and you'll be ready for that pool party soon!

- Buy wall paint in flashy colours

game review

A fun and easy to play douchebag simulator. Would recommend to anyone who wondered what it's like to be a douchebag. This is actually a short game,but there's not that many glitches. It felt a little repetitive doing the same thing and grinding just to get self-esteem or popularity, however it has many more options than other douchebag games, like going to work and driving around. You also have more things to pimp for yourself and the time meter makes it feel like you need to organize to get things done. Plan your time carefully and become a douche in 14 days with super fun game Douchebag Life.