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Douchebag Beach Club Game

Ultimate Douchebag Workout - Enjoy Douchebag Life at the Comfort of your Home !

In Ultimate Douchebag Workout your main mission is to bulk up as much as possible and become and ultimte douchebag so you can become popular and score with the girls. It's basically a workout and dating simulator. Become an ultimate douchebag by visiting gym regulary, using all kinds of products. Browse through a big collection of most horrible looking clothes, get a bad haircut, add some tan and watch your character become a real douche. Find out what kind of guys girls are really into.

Controls of the Game

Keyboard controls most of the game. Depending on the exercise you have to press a sequence of keys to control your character while working out, other times you have to point and click to choose through various options.

For example, which part of the body you want to exercise. Hold space or click repeadetly the arrow keys.

Workout to grow fake muscles, feed yourself to have plenty of energy, buy steroids and proteins to improve your mass quickly and shop for new fresh clothes! Reach different levels to unlock various bonuses in the game.

Tips to Play Douchebag Life

Use your protein bars to build up mass quickly.

Buy douchie clothes and haircuts to maximize your swag level.

Be careful to eat healthy or else your character will look horrible!

Tone every part of your body separately. Don' skip leg day! If you only tone one part of the body and ignore the rest you wil look really funny and disproportional.

game review

A fun and easy to play douchebag simulator called Ultimate Douchebag Workout. Would recommend to anyone who wondered what it's like to be a douchebag. This is actually a short game,but there's not that many glitches. It felt a little repetitive doing the same thing and grinding just to get self-esteem or popularity, however it has many more options than other douchebag games, like going to work and driving around. You also have more things to pimp for yourself. Plan your time carefully and become a real douchebag!